There is a large plank of a pop magnitude, standing at the intersection, against the roundabout, in a poor condition, and the circular stone strip needs reparation but will be replaced by a small electric water fall, in-parallel with the roundabout’s elimination works.
Even loudspeakers were installed in the opposite pine park and a Wagner music has begun to play. It seems that someone has recently returned from abroad. 

The gypsum Waterfall is of a dirt and creamy color, equipped with wheels to set the motion from one place to another. I learned that it will operate on Saturdays and Sundays, this means that the water will flow generating the torrent. I heard yesterday someone who has returned from Canada saying: "There is nothing and a lot in the suburbs, usually smart people either go to Canada or Australia, or were born there ... but the nice thing is that they build a strip, waterfall or buy one as soon as they come back".
This is what he said as he was jogging around the park and staring at a Billboard reading: "horses, night and wilderness”, then he added: "No blind philosopher is capable of being a musician." I did not understand what he actually meant, is the philosopher the musician or the blind? Anyway, he seemed enjoying the music coming from the loudspeakers.
I'm still praising my father’s relatively short victory, as we had to change houses more than sixteen times, but I am not capable of handling this triumph anymore, and it seems it will be the last time, as I have moved into a new house to avoid this matter. 




A proposal for a gypsum robot waterfall