On Sept.1 2007, the Libyan government organized parades to celebrate the 38th year of the revolution.
In front of“ the revolutionary students league” at the University of Tripoli, Kaddafi outlined in his speech :” Our reservoir of fossil water will dry by the year 2035, also we will loose our fossil Gas and oil around the year 2030… by this date most of you should leave this place, the population now is almost 5 millions and it will double till then….I, the leader of the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the King of Kings of African tribes, I declare Africa as your land, go and live in it”.

“One month later, in a ceremony in Senegal, Kaddafi was declared by the Touareg tribes as the King of the Touareg, the inhabitant of the small village where the ceremony happened said that they have never seen rain the last 30 years until Kaddafi came, so Kaddafi decided to buy the whole village and retire there”. Libyan newspaper.




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